Year 3 VLE week commencing 5th July 2021

Maths task sheets for this week: /uploads/547/files/Y4 U1 Task Sheets (Wk1).pptx

English task sheets: /uploads/547/files/Friday carousel vocab match sheet.docx

                                 /uploads/547/files/Friday Etymology enchanted.docx

                                 /uploads/547/files/King Arthur Sats style questions.docx


                                 /uploads/547/files/Thursday Etymology succeeded.docx/uploads/547/files/Tuesday Etymology enchanted.docx

                                 /uploads/547/files/vocab sheet for text King Arthur(1).docx

                                 /uploads/547/files/Wednesday Etymology preperation.docx


King Arthur text: NEWLY ADDED /uploads/547/images/King Arthur text.jpg


am - Class charter work  Class Charter

am - Design a name tag for our behaviour display

pm - Art work with clay (Making Viking coins) /uploads/547/files/Vikings coins and medallions ppt.ppt


am - Maths Meeting /uploads/547/files/Maths meeting Tuesday vle.pptx

am - Maths ( weekly Power Point - please see lesson 1) /uploads/547/files/Maths mastery vle.pptx


am - English Grammar /uploads/547/files/GRAMMAR TIME Tuesday.pptx

am - English Weekly Powerpoint - Please see Tuesday's lesson /uploads/547/files/King Arthur powerpoint 5th July.pptx

pm - Making a Viking boat from card. /uploads/547/files/Vikings ppt longboats.ppt

        Use the Internet to gather ideas to help you. Make a Viking longship out of card.


am - Maths Meeting /uploads/547/files/Maths meeting Wednesday vle.pptx

am - Maths Please see Monday for weekly powerpoint link - lesson 2

am - English Grammar /uploads/547/files/GRAMMAR TIME Wednesday.pptx

am - English weekly Powerpoint please see Monday

pm - Today we will be painting the Viking coins using metallic Gold / Silver paint


am - Maths Meeting - Times Tables assessments to be carried out. To support your child they can practise Times Tables online using the game hit the button.

am - Maths please see Monday for weekly powerpoint link - lesson 3

am - English Grammar /uploads/547/files/GRAMMAR TIME Thursday.pptx

am - English weekly powerpoint please see Monday


am - Drama with an external provider

am - PE with Mr Burke

pm - Maths please see Monday for weekly powerpoint - lesson 4

pm - English please see Monday for weekly powerpoint






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