Year 5 2023 - 2024

Welcome to Year 5

This year marks the progression from the lower to the upper stages of the KS2 curriculum. As we now begin the final phases of the primary curriculum, we encourage an increased level of independence and responsibility from our pupils whilst maintaining a nurturing and supportive environment.

Meet the team…

Miss Knott Y5K Class Teacher and Director of History

Mr Pritchard Class Teacher

Mrs Poole (Year 5 Teaching Assistant)


The Curriculum

Our topic in autumn term is 'Off with her Head!' and is focused on the Tudor period of history. Throughout this project, we will study a timeline of events, Tudor London, the Tudor monarchs and crime and punishment. During transition week we also looked at Tudor portraits with a particular focus on the artist Hans Holbein. 

In English, our first book is 'Cirque Du Freak' by Darren Shan. This novel centres on Darren who at the start of the book is just like any other teenager. This is until he visits the Cirque Du Freak... until he meets Madam Octa...until he comes face to face with a creature of the night. Soon Darren and his friend, Steve Leopard, are caught in a deadly trap. Darren must make a bargain with the one person who can save his friend. That person, however, is NOT human and the only thing he deals in is....blood! 

In maths, we will start the year by looking at place value before moving onto addition and subtraction, line graphs, timetables, multiplication, division  then finishing the term by studying area and perimeter. 

Home Learning

In Year 5, we encourage an increased degree of independence and children will be responsible for ensuring they return reading diaries and spelling logs back to school daily. We will be placing an increased importance on reading diaries this year and the children will be responsible for recording key dates such as when homework is due, performances, school trips etc in them. 

Maths homework will be issued each Thursday by your child's class teacher and will be based on the learning completed in class. Your child will then need to return thier homework the following Monday in order for the class teacher to provide feedback.Your child also has access to 'Timestables Rockstars' so that they can continue to practice their timestables. The childrens' usernames and passwords have been given to them already but if they are struggling to access the site please send an email to our year group address.

We will be continuing with the 'Read, Write Inc' spelling scheme in school and will be looking at a new rule each week. Your child has been issued with a 'spelling log' where they can record the spellings they are finding challenging in class so that they can take them home to practice. This ensures that the spellings they will be practicing at home are personal to them.

Our topic homelearning this term will be a booklet on the Tudors. It is the expectation that your child completes at least 3 projects from the booklet and then returns them back to school by Monday 18th December (the final week before Christmas break). A hard copy of the completed booklet can returned into school or alternatively can be completed in a digital format (i.e. PowerPoint) and emailed to our class email address. Please note, there is a copy available (along with other resources) to download from our website in case your child looses their sheet. 

Your child will have an Online Safety lesson in school 2 to 3 times per half term through the ‘village’ section of Gooseberry Planet. At the end of each lesson, there are activities/ games for your child to complete at home. The child with the most points tops the leader board! Your child’s username and password have been given to them. If you need another copy please send an email to the Y5 address and a new username/password can be issued.

Further learning activities can be found online at the Oak National Academy. This is not a homework site but is a useful place to look for any revision/practice if needed.

If you would like to contact class teachers please do so via email. 

Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons have now finished for this year. 


PE will take place on Tuesday mornings this year with Mr Burke. Please ensure that your child brings their PE kit on Mondays and takes their kit home on Fridays in line with the rest of the school. It may be an idea to provide your child with warmer clothing such as jogging bottoms and jackets throughout the autumn/winter seasons. 


In the first term, we will be visiting Austerfield on 27th September to take part in some team building activities and look at animal life cycles. Our second trip will be to see the musical 'Wicked' at the Alhambra theatre in Bradford on 15th May. Our third trip this year (subject to booking) will be to the Great Yorkshire Show! Letters have already been emailed to parents regarding this trip before the summer holidays and more information will be sent out closer to the time. 

The big Christmas Update 2023


So close !

Videos from our fabulous Christmas Fayre

It's the infamous Richmond Hill Christmas Fayre IMG_20231215_131205.jpg IMG_20231215_131217.jpg IMG_20231215_131226.jpg IMG_20231215_131233.jpg
IMG_20231215_131241.jpg IMG_20231215_131255.jpg IMG_20231215_131328.jpg IMG_20231215_131437.jpg
IMG_20231215_131530.jpg IMG_20231215_131549.jpg IMG_20231215_131603.jpg IMG_20231215_131607.jpg
IMG_20231215_131624.jpg IMG_20231215_131630.jpg IMG_20231215_131725.jpg IMG_20231215_131747.jpg
IMG_20231215_131809.jpg IMG_20231215_131813.jpg IMG_20231215_131844.jpg IMG_20231215_131939.jpg
IMG_20231215_132045.jpg IMG_20231215_132152.jpg IMG_20231215_132200.jpg IMG_20231215_132222.jpg
IMG_20231215_132244.jpg IMG_20231215_132256.jpg IMG_20231215_150328.jpg IMG_20231215_150334.jpg
IMG_20231215_150347.jpg IMG_20231215_150357.jpg IMG_20231215_150403.jpg IMG_20231215_150408.jpg
IMG_20231215_150416.jpg IMG_20231215_150428.jpg IMG_20231215_150438.jpg IMG_20231215_150446.jpg
  IMG_20231215_150503.jpg IMG_20231215_150516.jpg  


A great day of Christmas themed activities

(Thank you Mr Burke!)

IMG_20231208_094330.jpg IMG_20231208_094331.jpg
IMG_20231208_094337.jpg IMG_20231208_094439.jpg
IMG_20231208_094506.jpg IMG_20231208_095022.jpg
IMG_20231208_142900.jpg IMG_20231208_142910.jpg
IMG_20231208_142912.jpg IMG_20231208_142930.jpg


... and our winners are ...


Autumn Webley


Mia Hawley

IMG_20231204_141304.jpg IMG_20231204_141301.jpg IMG_20231204_142831.jpg
  IMG_20231204_142212.jpg IMG_20231204_142215.jpg  


A Christmas challenge! Create an interesting bookmark based on our class novel

"Cirque du Freak"

IMG_20231204_141540.jpg IMG_20231204_141543.jpg IMG_20231204_142222.jpg
IMG_20231204_142225.jpg IMG_20231204_142233.jpg IMG_20231204_142235.jpg
IMG_20231204_142538.jpg IMG_20231204_142823.jpg IMG_20231204_143133.jpg
IMG_20231204_143104.jpg IMG_20231204_143240_BURST1.jpg IMG_20231204_143137.jpg
IMG_20231204_143243.jpg IMG_20231204_144759.jpg IMG_20231204_144823.jpg
IMG_20231204_144840.jpg IMG_20231204_145103.jpg IMG_20231204_145743.jpg
IMG_20231204_145756.jpg IMG_20231205_135859.jpg IMG_20231205_135903.jpg
IMG_20231205_140504.jpg IMG_20231205_140508.jpg IMG_20231205_141604.jpg


It's Christmas!

(Even though that means the naughty elves are on the loose! Although we did manage to steal one of their hats!)

IMG_20231122_142858.jpg IMG_20231122_144730.jpg IMG_20231201_152827.jpg


Fishbowl question time! IMG_20231018_133634.jpg IMG_20231018_133838.jpg IMG_20231018_134227.jpg


Year 5 were thrilled when the school library re-opened.

We love to read!

IMG_20231117_142902.jpg IMG_20231117_142916.jpg
IMG_20231117_142920.jpg IMG_20231117_142927.jpg



In Science we have been looking at Forces and The Solar System. IMG_20231009_132640.jpg IMG_20231009_132651.jpg IMG_20231009_132656.jpg
IMG_20231009_132700.jpg IMG_20231009_132715.jpg IMG_20231110_144942.jpg
IMG_20231110_145143_1.jpg IMG_20231127_145433.jpg IMG_20231205_140230.jpg


During maths everyone was keen to give their input! IMG_20231005_092110.jpg


Many of our year 5 students write wonderful stories in their spare time and partake in a variety of out-of-school activities which they love to share with their classmates at the end of the school day.  IMG_20230915_134837.jpg IMG_20230915_140110.jpg IMG_20230918_102045.jpg
IMG_20231011_120038.jpg IMG_20231011_135259.jpg IMG_20231031_091219.jpg


Some children created genealogy posters, detailing their family trees IMG_20230908_153328.jpg IMG_20230908_153342.jpg IMG_20230908_153415.jpg
IMG_20230908_153442.jpg IMG_20230908_153506.jpg IMG_20230908_153530.jpg


Autumn 2 2023

Apologies for the lack of updates. There were IT issues which have now been resolved and the Y5 webpage will now be updated regularly. Please check often !


Dominic at Fossil Festival in Derbyshire. Dominic meet yesterday Dr Dean Lomax and palaeontologist for USA Jimmy ..jpg We also went to Fossil Festival at Derbyshire..jpg


Various pictures from our Autumn learning journey
IMG_0320.JPG IMG_0327.JPG IMG_0338.JPG IMG_0339.JPG

September 2023


A fantastic trip to Austerfeld! We had an amazing time completing some team building activities and learning about animal life cycles.  20230927_094838.jpg 20230927_095052.jpg 20230927_103414.jpg
20230927_103923.jpg 20230927_114936.jpg 20230927_103937.jpg
20230927_130312.jpg 20230927_130418.jpg 20230927_130513.jpg
20230927_130557.jpg 20230927_130551.jpg 20230927_094844.jpg

What a great first week ! Year 5 excelled themselves. Lots of learning, lots of fun!

Circus Day

002.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg 009.jpg 012.jpg 015.jpg  
016.jpg 018.jpg 020.jpg 024.jpg 025.jpg 028.jpg  
031.jpg 033.jpg 035.jpg 037.jpg 040.jpg 042.jpg  
045.jpg 047.jpg 048.jpg 050.jpg 052.jpg 054.jpg  
057.jpg 058.jpg 062.jpg 064.jpg 067.jpg 070.jpg  
074.jpg 075.jpg 078.jpg 090.jpg 093.jpg 097.jpg  


Our Tudor topic gets off to a flying start 101.jpg 102.jpg 103.jpg 104.jpg


Children brought in items from home to share with the class 106.jpg 107.jpg 108.jpg


Here is a highlight reel of our circus performances.

Longer individual videos coming soon.

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