Year 5 2021 - 2022

Welcome to Year 5

This year marks the progression from the lower to the upper stages of the KS2 curriculum. As we now begin the final phases of the primary curriculum, we encourage an increased level of independence and responsibility from our pupils whilst maintaining a nurturing and supportive environment.

Meet the team…

Miss Knott Y5K Class Teacher and Director of History

Miss Russell Y5K Class Teacher and Director of Science

Mrs Burke (Year 5 Teaching Assistant)


The Curriculum

Since starting back in September, Y5's topic has been Dynamic Dynasties. This project teaches children about the history of ancient China, focusing primarily on the Shang Dynasty, and explores the lasting legacy of the first five Chinese dynasties, some of which can still be seen in the world today.

In reading this term, we are studying Tom's Midnight Garden. This exciting time-travel book takes us across two eras of British history - the 1950's and the late Victorian period. Tom is a 12-year-old boy who has been sent to stay with his aunt and uncle in thier flat which is located in a converted country house. The garden and driveway has long since been developed and poor Tom resigns himself to weeks of boredom. One night, as Tom lies awake in bed, he listens to the grandfather clock chiming in the hall downstairs. Thirteen! Tom races downstairs and find a beautiful garden outside. A garden he was told didn't exsist. Tom's midnight garden is full of magic and adventure, and children too. Are they ghosts? Or is it Tom who is really the ghost?

After the Christmas holidays, Y5 will be moving onto Sow, Grow and Farm. This project teaches children about the features and characteristics of land use in agricultural regions across the world, including a detailed exploration of significant environmental areas. We will also be moving onto a new text this term too - but we will not be revealing what it is just yet!

In the final term, Y5 will be studying our final project of the year - Groundbreaking Greeks. This project teaches children about developments and changes over six periods of ancient Greek history, focusing on the city state of Athens in the Classical age, and exploring the lasting legacy of ancient Greece. Again, we will also be moving onto a new book this term - but this too is a secret for now!

Home Learning

In Year 5, we encourage an increased degree of independence. Homework is set each Monday and is due to be completed by the following Monday. This allows time for children to speak with teachers if help is needed but also gives them the weekend to ensure all is complete. 

Weekly homelearning is set for spellings, maths and grammar. Topic homework is due in once per term and pupils have a list of project ideas from which they are requitred to choose any two. Daily reading is also encouraged at home as this is the best way to develop the vital skills of fluency and pace. We thank all parents and carers for their continued support in this. 

Maths can be accessed via the child's individual LWP account (Learning with Parents). 

Grammar homework can be accessed via the child's individual login at

Spellings will be given to children each Monday but can also be found on our class homepage in case of absence. 

Your child will have an Online Safety lesson in school 2 to 3 times per half term through the ‘village’ section of Gooseberry Planet. At the end of each lesson, there are activities/ games for your child to complete at home. The child with the most points tops the leader board! Your child’s username and password will be emailed to you shortly.

The expectation is that children read a book at their individual reading level at least five times per week at home. Children are able to access suitably levelled books from school. 

Further learning activities can be found online at the Oak National Academy. This is not a homework site but is a useful place to look for any revision/practice if needed.


If you would like to contact class teachers please do so via email. 


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