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Welcome to Design Technology at Richmond Hill

Lead teacher Nikki Millar

What do we want for our children?

Here at Richmond Hill we aim to give our children the opportunities to develope their creativity, imagintion and critical thinking. Through teaching Design Technology we enable our pupils to design and make a range of products that have been carefully thought out in order to solve problems as well as meet their own and others' wants and needs. Through the evaluation of past and existing products we hope to inspire our young learners and develop their subject knowledge to create resourseful and innovative citezens. 



How is this achieved?

At Richmond Hill we have chosen to use the implementation of the Cornerstones Curriculum as a whole school approach. This ensures that Design Technology (amongst other subjects) is taught across all year groups and covers the national curriculum statements in an engaging way. 

The differents aspects of Design Technology are delivered under the following headings:

. Everyday products 






Table to show year groups (where it appears in what topics)


How do we achieve progression?

Year groups to use retrieval of prior knowledge from previous years

Build upon new learning of skills and knowledge

Spaced learning 



How do we know our children are retaining skills and knowledge?


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