Year 6 2022 - 2023

Welcome to Year 6!

There is much more to Y6 than just SATs! Year Six is an exciting and memorable year for our oldest children and one in which they prepare for the next chapter in their learning journies by building on our CARE values: collaboration, aspiration, resilience and endeavour. 

With Mr Lodge's passions for English and History alongside Miss Duquemin's love of Sports and Science, Year Six has something to inspire everyone. Year Six is supported by two dedicated and nurturing TAs: Mrs Jeffery and Mrs Poole. Find more information about the year below. If there is ever anything you need to ask, we are only a phone call or email away. 


 The Year Six Team 

Y6L - Mr Lodge (Director of English)

Y6D - Miss Duquemin (Computing Lead)

Y6L and Y6D - Mrs Jeffery (Thrive Practitioner)

Y6L and Y6D - Mrs Poole (Teaching Assistant)



Reading - Children are expected to read a minimum of five times per week. This should be indicated in their school diaries with a signature from parents/guardians. Reading diaries will be collected each morning. 

Maths - Children will be given consolidatory maths homework once a week. This will be given out on a Thursday and is due in on a Monday.

All children also have access to Times Table Rockstars to help them in their revision. 

Spelling  - Children will take home their spelling log books each week. In these, you will find their personal targeted spellings to practise at home. 

Topic - Once per half term, children will be given a creative task related to our termly topic. At the end of each half term, we celebrate this work with a showcase of homework which is always an much anticipated event! See below for more information. 



For the first term of 2022, Year Six will be studying Maafa. Below are a choice of activities which can be completed for homework. Beneath these activities you will find some useful resources which might help with any extra learning/homework. 


1. Find out about Africa using information books and the internet. Create a 
non-chronological report about the continent. You might like to include details 
about its area, population, geography, land use, languages spoken and the names 
and locations of particular countries. Once complete, share with a family member. 

2. View examples of art made by the skilled craftspeople in the ancient Kingdom of 
Benin on the British Museum’s website. Focus on one artefact that interests you. 
Sketch and name the artefact and describe what it is made from, when it was 
made, who made it, who owned it and any significant features.

3. Create an infographic about an aspect of your Maafa project, such as the slave 
trade, middle passage, resistance and rebellion or abolition. Use your knowledge, 
books and the internet to provide facts and figures and use images from the 
Slavery Images website. Examples of infographics can be found online.

4. Create a glossary of Maafa project terminology. Present your glossary in 
alphabetical order with a definition for each word. How many new words have 
you learned that are connected to black history? 

5. Choose and research a significant black figure from the present day from sport, 
music, politics, education, art, theatre, film, human rights or the local community. 
Create an information poster about your chosen figure using paper and art 
materials or computer software. 

6. Draw, paint or sculpt a bust of a significant figure from black history and write 
a short paragraph to accompany your artwork, explaining why this individual is 
significant. Figures might include Olaudah Equiano, Claudia Jones, Mary Seacole, 
William Cuffay, Lenford Kwesi Garrison, William Wilberforce, Thomas Clarkson or 
Elizabeth Heyrick. Invite your family to learn about your chosen significant figure.


Useful websites

Britannica Kids – Africa 
National Geographic Kids – South Africa 
British Museum – Benin Bronzes
BBC Newsround – Black History Month – The men who made history in Britain
BBC Newsround – Black History Month – Great women you should know
The British Library – Abolitionist campaigners


Good reads

Africa, Amazing Africa: Country by Country Atinuke 9781406376586 
Africa – Mathalon Maps by Joanne Randolph 9781474715980 
Black and British: A short, essential history by David Olusoga 9781529063394 
Africa and the Slave Trade (Black History) by Dan Lyndon 9781445180748 
The History of African and Caribbean Communities in Britain by Hakim Adi 9781526317971 
Black History Matters by Robin Walker 9781445166896 
Young Gifted and Black: Meet 52 Black Heroes from Past and Present by Jamia Wilson 9781786039835 
Coming to England by Floella Benjamin 9781509835492

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