Science at Richmond Hill Academy

Lead by Mrs Lawrence (Temporary)

Lead by Mrs Russell (Currently on maternity leave)


At Richmond Hill Primary Academy we use the Cornerstones scheme of work, which carefully ensures the coverage of the different topics, which develop the fundamental skills and knowledge, helping children to understand the world around them. Understanding the vital role of science within our school community and that many parents and carers have professional careers within scientific fields and industries, some of which have played a huge part as a key worker during this current pandemic.

  • All Cornerstones projects follow a rigorous skills and knowledge progression framework. This provides clear subject endpoints matched to the national curriculum.
  • The new Knowledge-rich Projects offer full subject coverage for geography, history, science, art and design and design and technology. Geography Knowledge-rich Projects are available now on Curriculum Maestro.
  • An online coverage checker helps you monitor intended and actual subject coverage and progression in your curriculum.
  • All projects come with a knowledge organiser, including key subject vocabulary. This is not only helpful for children but for teachers to gen up on their own subject knowledge.

*Available from November 2019               Taken from Cornerstones Maestro online

Science remains one of the three main core subjects in primary schools. It creates a wealth of opportunities for pupils to engage in Kagan collaborative structures and participate in practical activities addressing the needs of different learners.


Here at Richmond Hill we create a positive attitude towards Science within our classrooms. We reinforce the expectation that all children should be provided with the opportunity of achieving their full potential and achieving high standards in Science.

Science is delivered in blocks by each year group, using a topic based approach.

 In our Science lessons children are given problem solving opportunities allowing children to explore and find out things for themselves. Children are given opportunities to develop scientific skills and to carry out research. Lessons are engaging using quality resources which assist the understanding of conceptual knowledge.

The Cornerstone schemes ensures that skills are built on year upon year. New vocabulary is developed and children are challenged through a range of concepts. Teachers model how to use equipment and children are then given opportunities to work collaboratively using the scientific vocabulary.

Reading and writing is embedded within science lesson, where pupils write about the steps carried out in investigations and summarise their findings in a conclusion.

The teaching of Science is supported by educational trips and visitors into school (Temporary on hold due to covid) which complement and broaden the curriculum.




Pupil Progress in Science is measured through oral responses, written work including predictions and conclusions and end of unit assessments.

Through the exposure of a range of topics children will not only develop age related knowledge, but also equip them with skills which they can use within everyday lives. Pupils will develop enquiry and investigative skills – the necessary tools which they can use within different subjects and in everyday life.

Developing Scientific vocabulary, will empower children with the ability to describe what is happening in the world around them.

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